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Peace, tranquillity, quietness, rest, CALM COMFORT.

This popular Irish word encapsulates the sense of serenity that is much striven for in modern life.

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'Massage breaks the pain cycle': the return of touch - after almost two years without it

16th November 2021

Last week The Guardian published an article highlighting how, for many people, social distancing and lockdowns left them bereft of physical contact.

Touch is one of 'the' most basic human needs and one of the most healing things a human can do. Yet in Western Society being touched for our health is frowned upon and can bee seen to have negative or sexual connotations.

Yet Francis McGlone a Professor of Neuroscience at Liverpool John Moores University states"We are wired to respond to emotional touch. My analogy is that [touch is] like a vitamin – if we are depleted, there are consequences in terms of our physical health. I make the same argument about the C-tactile afferents – the nerve fibre that evolved in all social mammals to provide the reward associated with close physical contact. When the fibre is stimulated, it does a number of measurable things – it lowers heart rate and it lowers cortisol, the stress hormone.” It’s one reason, he says with a laugh, he believes so many people got pets during lockdown: “That’s the brain recognising ‘I need to touch something’.”

A survey into how people have been dealing with the lack of physical contact since this Covid-19 pandemic has found that 60 percent felt deprived of touch, and that can lead to a raft of health problems including depression and anxiety.

To highlight how essential touch is to our health and wellbeing, the Evergreen Psychotherapy Centre highlighted that institutions surveyed in 1915 reported that a majority of infants under the age of 2 had died due to failure to thrive, related to the lack of touch and affection (Chapin 1915; cited in Montagu 1986, p. 97). Prescott (1971) found that deprivation of touch and movement contributed to later emotional problems.

Yet there is growing evidence to show how therapeutic touch is and by just holding hands with someone in pain, will comfort them and cause your brain waves to synchronise. The study showed  that holding your partner’s hand can ease their pain, raise your empathy, and even cause you and your partner’s heart and respiration rates to synchronise.

The power of touch is undeniable indeed, on my first day of training to become a reflexologist I was eager and excited to be starting the next stage of my life and career, what I was not expecting was the discovery of the immense power of touch. Coming from a long career in health and social care where touch with people I worked with was controversial, the overwhelming realisation that touch is a powerful healing tool was startling. 

So, having any form of touch therapy, including reflexology, can be one way to help mitigate the negative effects of this touch deprived world we find ourselves in.

With very best wishes,

Tanya x

Going back to the office? 6 tips to help you adjust

12th November 2021

Our working situation has changed dramatically since early 2020 and despite the initial shock of having to adjust to working from home, many are getting anxious about going back to the office. Therefore I wanted to share this article which gives some great tips on how to adjust.

With very best wishes,

Tanya x