Suaimhneas Reflexology

Peace, tranquillity, quietness, rest, CALM COMFORT.

This popular Irish word encapsulates the sense of serenity that is much striven for in modern life.

Client Testimonials

Treated myself to a taster session with Tanya and what a treat it was! Definitely booking another session for myself and more for my friends! Thank you Tanya!

RT - 2019

Tanya is a lovely person and a great reflexologist!! Her treatments are second to non! Tanya treats you as an individual with your own needs and gets right to the point of your pain 

and performs miracles! Highly recommend!

SH - 2019

Had the most amazing treatment today with Tanya. Take an hour out of your day and treat yourself. Relaxing and soothing. The gentle reflexology has to be experienced.

IC - 2019

Tanya is a wonderful person, I've really enjoyed my reflexology sessions with her and have seen some incredible results! I have already recommended her to friends and family :)

OH - 2019

I have reflexology as often as I can it is such a relaxing experience . I'd highly recommend Suaimhneas Reflexology . Home visits and great service.

BB - 2019

Dear Reader, for this review to be of any use to you, it might be helpful if I explain a little about where my physical health was before my toes fell into Tanya’s palms. I’m a 28 year old woman, with a love of exercise and anything physically active. But years of running, power walking and gym classes have taken their toll on my left outer thigh, diagnosed by my GP as IT band syndrome. I can only describe it as a constant burning sensation when moving my upper leg - sort of like a constant rub on a giant blister. 

No amount of pain relief, physiotherapy, acupuncture or peculiar spa treatments has shifted this problem, so as you might imagine - it was all reflex - bology for me at first. Several sessions later however, I find myself quite ashamed at my initial skepticism.

Tanya has improved my leg pain tremendously. It still bothers me, but I would score the pain as a 3/10 whereas before it was and eight or nine! Tanya’s patience, educative and professional approach has been therapeutic and a joy to receive. I look forward to the sessions now as my pain levels start to creep up again in the week before I see her. 

I still don’t fully understand the nature of the therapy, but the consistency of the results has been invaluable to my fitness. For that I’m truly grateful.

EB - 2019

I have been having reflexology with Tanya since February 2017. I went to Tanya as I had been extremely stressed with my working life and was about to go through my 3rd round of IVF. I also suffer with IBS. I had 5 verruca’s on my right foot. (years of medication had never touched them) My first session was so relaxing I fell straight to sleep (every session since I do just that). After 7 sessions of reflexology all my verruca’s had gone.

I truly believe by having reflexology I can cope better with work and I have not had a flare up of my IBS for over 6 months. ‘Magic’.

I have just gone through my 4th round of IVF (Failed again) doctors still put it down to unexplained. I was however able to relax and not stress about the treatment and my body was able to cope better with all the injections: all down to reflexology.

Thank you Tanya you are my Fairy Foot Mother xx

JF - 2019

In the short term, in fact almost immediately, I experienced a profound level of relaxation, deeper even than I’ve found in my meditation practice. This was in the middle of an extremely stressful time, and was crucial in dealing effectively with that pressure. In that sense, reflexology saved my sanity and kept my physical health in a properly balanced state. I can ( and do ) recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

AG - 2018

I contacted Tanya during a particularly stressful time at work, which had led to me having to take several weeks off to recover. I have had Reflexology previously at spas but only as a one off treatment and as much as I always found this relaxing there wasn’t any real long term benefit; with Tanya however I have been able to look & plan how it could help improve, as well as manage, my wellbeing both mentally & physically. It has enabled me to reflect on the impact that stress has on my overall wellbeing as well as now having an understanding of mindfulness; this can only be a good thing.

Tanya is someone who has great empathy and a very calming manner & has certainly helped me, I feel so much better. I will continue to have regular sessions as a preventative measure & would absolutely recommend Tanya as a therapist.

AB - 2018

I have to confess my first experience of reflexology was borne out of desperation. After years of neck shoulder: pain and exploring all conventional treatments, which usually bought short-term relief, I opted to try it. I wouldn’t say it was an immediate release from pain, but I was aware from the first treatment that things had improved pain wise. I had been skeptical, but after 3 treatments I realised my dependency on prescription painkillers was reducing. Quite often she remarked, “had a cold? Upset tummy?” How could she know? I am now 90% off painkillers, usually required as I’ve overdone some physical activity. If I miss appointments due to holidays, my body tells me.... My expectations weren’t high, it wasn’t placebo, for me it worked.

VB - 2018

You have helped to relieve pain and lifted my mood. Your treatments always make me feel better and helps me to cope. On the funnier side it helped me to have a poo too ;)

JH - 2018

I visited you following the death of my mother and was pretty much messed up. I couldn't sleep and in consequence I was getting very snappy during the day. After a course of reflexology I was so much better, sleeping and eating properly. I have already recommended you to friend and in due course will have some top up sessions

CM - 2018

Tanya was brilliant with my little boy. He is 2 and has awful trouble with eczema. Tanya was great with us! Her friendly and supportive approach helped my son to get involved with the sessions. She was so good with him that he liked her instantly and allowed her to touch his feet. Tanya has given me great information and support for me to create a daily routine with my boy to help both with his eczema and calm him down before bed! I would recommend to everybody! His eczema is much better and her tips have allowed me to have some peaceful son and Mum bonding time! Thank you! X

HM - 2017

Tanya did group therapy for us and she was brilliant. She was helpful, relaxed and passionate about her work.

Adoptions Team 2017

Tanya is amazing! Tanya came to my rescue when my neck and shoulder went into spasm. This has happened before, but not for some years. Previously, I had sought medical intervention, and had been prescribed muscle relaxant medication to help. This worked, but left me very tired and unable to work, drive or manage effectively due to the sedative effects of the drugs. I needed to avoid medication! She worked miracles and her techniques provided instant relief to the spasm. Since then, Tanya has been providing me with ongoing treatment to support relaxation and stress relief. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is just a wonderful human being! 

Thank you, Tanya!!! x x

SS - 2017

Tanya's ability to put you at ease is second to none. Her treatments are wonderful, relaxing and they work! I know that Tanya will continue to help me maintain my health and wellbeing for some time to come. Thank you Tanya.

HK - 2017

Tanya really is made of magic! Reflexology with her has been incredibly powerful, both in terms of the relaxation element of the physical experience, but also the longer lasting effects.

AH - 2017

I've been really struggling with low mood and anxiety for some time, but after Tanya working her magic I feel much calmer and more able to cope and am back to enjoying things! I have no idea how it works, but it really has made such a difference.

CY - 2017

Tanya is a calming presence, and has a keen ear for both hearing and understanding what is important to you and needs to be worked on. Her studio is a bright and cosy space, 

which works a treat! Highly recommended!!

EH - 2017

Thank you for listening and helping to keep me grounded. Your reflexology is outstandingly wonderful. I've never felt relaxation like it before and leave feeling revitalised and bounding with energy. I now understand why caring for my feet is so important, it truly is life changing.

From dancing feet!

JF - 2017

After suffering with a bout of cluster migraines, I was at the end of my tether. I couldn't function at work, it wasn't safe for me to drive and I was struggling to look after my 20 month old daughter. My wife suggested I see Tanya for reflexology treatment as I wanted to avoid medication If possible. I was sceptic but after the first session I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted. After only two sessions I no longer suffer with migraines, amazing! Tanya was considerate and approachable, I would highly recommend her. I'm so glad I've avoided taking medication and I know that if they were to come back, that I can book in to see Tanya. Thank you

ET - 2017

What a wonderful lady Tanya is, spends time, will never rush a session, I now have treatment every month and would recommend for health issues, concerns and general wellbeing. Feeling fantastic thank you Tanya

JS - 2017

This was my first experience of Reflexology and I have to say it was just amazing. Tanya is a fabulous reflexologist. The time she gives you is amazing and the treatments are fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my sessions and felt more invigorated and energised after. 

I will certainly be booking more! I couldn't recommend enough.

BF - 2016

I'd never had reflexology before but being 9 months pregnant at the time and feeling uncomfortable I had nothing to lose by trying it. Tanya made me feel really relaxed and was friendly throughout. She was very professional and took her time in massaging my feet, letting me know I could stop any any time if I wasn't enjoying it. 

Afterwards I felt so relaxed that I went into labour the following day! 

I'd highly recommend Tanya and can't wait for my next session (ears this time!)

MM - 2016

I have had reflexology with some different practitioners before but I have to say that Tanya was by far the best. Her knowledge is vast and she really goes out of her way to tailor your treatment to fit your needs. Absolutely fantastic, I cannot recommend her highly enough.

KR - 2016

I would thoroughly recommend reflexology; Tanya provides a relaxing environment, which compliments the therapy perfectly. I think I might be a regular customer. Thank you Tanya.

LN - 2016

Fantastic treatment from tan she's got the hands mother Teresa still having treatment even after my course had finished, very relaxing feeling rejuvenated every time highly recommend

BM - 2016

Tanya is a caring and professional practitioner. Her treatments are thorough are tailored to meet my needs. She has a warm smile and makes me feel instantly at ease. Would highly recommend.

RH - 2016

My first experience of having reflexology. Had a taster session and it was fantastic. 

Would highly recommend it, will have more in the future .Tanya was lovely x

SL - 2016